Topic outline

  • General description

    The aim of this course is to introduce the main concepts of development and release new products or Successful services. Successful innovations guarantee competition ability of the new product or the developer to win high marketing shares and guarantee the continuous development. The student will learn Implementation of product development strategies and take into account all the factors that increase the desired success rate of the product and the production enterprise. The course helps managers, technicians and executives involved in the development of new products (both products and services) and develops the innovation process in the enterprise as well as managing the process of developing new products and studying the technology strategy applied to achieve product or service competitiveness through the development of new products The course will study the innovation in business and innovation in companies to achieve economic product models and meet the requirements of customers, and will present the role of users, experts and enterprises in the design of the product and predict its results and achieve competitiveness, and marketing the idea through innovation in the development of new products. The needed resources to develop new products, performance measurement and learning through experimentation will be considered as the basis of the process of product design and development, and evaluate new ideas methods, develop them, test them and analyse the results before releasing the new product or service, and thus getting and preserving a trade mark. Practical examples of the development of products and services will be discussed during the course as well as several researches.