Topic outline

  • General description

    This module deals with measuring the competencies of the medical team, and aims to develop the skills of the medical team and develop their roles to design cognitive and clinical examinations fairly, accurately and transparently according to international standards of medical assessments applied in clinics, hospitals and health care centers. The intended Learning outcomes: At the end of this module, student will be able to: • Describes modern measurement principles, tools, and modern measurement methods to assess surgical skills and clinical competencies. • Describes principles for interpreting clinical examination scores, evaluating test results, and evaluating clinical self-evaluation results. • Develops the trainees higher learning skills, which contributes to the application of "outcome-based" learning, solving clinical problems and making the appropriate clinical decision at the right time. • Explains clinical examinations that are able to assess critical thinking and problem-solving skills. • Develops methods to measure different competencies in the light of the basic needs of society and international trends. • Explains the principles of designing practical examinations to measure clinical competencies and skills in small and large groups using different measurement methods. • Develops standards to provide motivating and supportive feedback to the trainee, which contributes to developing practical and administrative capabilities for physicians and contributes to developing their performance. • Applies moral values (fairness - honesty - transparency) during the measurement of the cognitive and clinical performance of the medical team.