Topic outline

  • General description

    The project allows for the student the opportunity to apply her/his knowledge and skills that have been acquainted during her/his study in the program in order to carry out a quality-related project in an organization (institution, cooperation, manufactory, civil association, …) in such a way that she/he would contribute to improving the organization’s performance and deepening her/his expertise in the quality field. The student achieve the project in a determined period during one semester where she/he shows her/his ability to justify the project, analyzes the problem, and conducts a critical study, specify the solution while providing justification for the methodologies, tools, methods and models used, and presents her/his work through an oral presentation and a written report. In the oral presentation, the student presents her/his work and defends the conclusions and recommendations. The project is carried out under the supervision of one or more of the faulty members, or a specialist approved by the Council of Scientific Affairs. The project shall be accepted by a judgment panel formed by the Council of Scientific Affairs in accordance with the program internal rules.