Topic outline

  • General description

    Master Project General description The project allows the student the opportunity to apply her/his knowledge and skills acquainted while studying the program subjects in order to develop a quality-related project and carry it out in an organization (enterprises, companies, factories, NGOs, …) in such a way that she/he would contribute to improving the organization’s performance and would deepen her/his expertise in the quality field. The student completes the project within a fixed time period which is one full term, during which he/she demonstrates the ability to defend the project, analyze the problem, conduct a critical reference study, describe the solution with justifications for the methodologies, tools, methods and models used, analyze the results and make recommendations, and present the work through an oral presentation and a written report. While orally presenting his/her work, the student defends the conclusions and recommendations. The project is carried out under the supervision of one or more of the faulty members, or an equivalent, or a specialist approved by the Council of Scientific Affairs. The project is completed by one student and is followed up and supervised through live orientation meetings or synchronous sessions. The project is also evaluated by a judging committee formed by the Council of Scientific Affairs in accordance with the rules adopted in the programs internal bylaws.