Topic outline

  • General description

    The first part of this course concerning management basics aims to familiarize students with basic management concepts by shedding light on the development of management schools during the past two centuries and the extent to which the application of these principles continues in the current business environment. In addition, this course provides students with an explanation of the administrative functions (planning- organizing, directing, controlling) and the technical functions within the organization (human resources management, financial management, marketing management, operations and production management, information systems management). The purpose of the second part of this course (Human Resources Management) is to clarify the concept of human resources management, its growing importance in the success of organizations, as well as the functions associated with it (job analysis and design, human resource planning). Headhunting and planning of training needs are linked to performance appraisal, career development systems, wage and compensation systems, occupational health and safety systems, and some recent trends in human resources management.