Topic outline

  • General description

    The project provides the student with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills that they acquired during their study of the program’s courses to develop a project related to technology management and implement it in an organization. The student accomplishes the project within the allocated time period for a full semester in which he/ she demonstrates the ability to submit project justifications, analyse the problem, conduct a critical reference study, characterize the solution while providing justifications for the methodologies, tools, methods, and models used, analyse the results, make recommendations, and submit their work through an oral presentation and a written report. The oral presentation presents the student’s work and defends the findings and recommendations. The project is carried out under the supervision of one or more members of the educational body in the universities, or their equivalents, or one of the specialists who is approved by the Scientific Affairs Council. The project is executed by one student and the follow-up and supervision are carried out through direct orientation meetings or synchronized sessions. The project is then evaluated by a committee formed by the Scientific Affairs Council in accordance with the rules approved in the programs bylaws.