Topic outline

  • General description

    This subject aims to acquaint the student with entering labor market skills. It addresses how to write a CV and the main contents that should be included and its most commonly used types and templates in addition to writing a cover letter to apply for the job. Then, the course defines the preparation skills needed to pass a personal job interview and the main points that the applicant should know and behave according to during and after the job interview to pass it successfully. After that, the course moves to the required communication skills from all jobs applicants in all styles; verbal, written, body language, and the communication obstacles . It also identifies the strengths and weaknesses of communication and business ethics . Then, it deals with how to prepare presentations in addition to their verbal and written rules ,how to present in front of the audience, and practice the interpersonal skills with others. Finally, It defines the electronic correspondence writing basics. Forms, templates and diagrams will be used to help explain each point.