Topic outline

  • Comparison of resource related economic sectors with non-resource sectors from the point of view of GDP growth and Dutch Disease potential, studied on the case of four resource dependent countries

    Submitted by: Haiyan Sulaiman, Ing. SAMUEL Mintah , Ali Salman

    Journal of Applied Economic Sciences


    September - 2016

    Abstract :

    The Dutch Disease phenomenon makes scholars conclude on the base of the historical empiric evidence, that natural resources can be actually a thread to the long term stability and prosperity of countries. This view of natural resources as a curse rather than a blessing was shown on many cases of national economies. No studies had however compared different commodities in order to draw a conclusion on the severity of their impact on GDP growth with other sectors and also on the lagged impact in a mid-term time span. The study compares on the base of historic longitudinal panel data analysis, selected types of resources with a Dutch Disease impact potential on GDP creation, such as crude oil and gold and compares these with agricultural and industrial output and high-tech exports in chosen countries.

  • A proposed model for applying total quality management in Syrian banks: A case study in the industrial bank of Syria

    Submitted by: Ali Salman, Ing. SAMUEL Mintah, Haiyan Sulaiman

    Investment Management and Financial Innovations, Volume 13


    May - 2016


    Syrian banks have witnessed an important changed since 2002 with applying the advanced technology. Industrial bank played a crucial role in developing the industrial sector which provides about 25% to the GDP and this sector is the main engine of the national economy in Syria. This research aims to apply total quality management (TQM) to industrial banks of Syria. A random sample of 120 bank employees from higher and middle management were selected to investigate the current situation of TQM in the bank and to develop a new suitable TQM Model. The results show the levels of implementing TQM criteria in the industrial bank, and provide a proposed TQM Model with an implementation plan that could help other Syrian banks to apply TQM in an effective way.

  • تحسين نتائج استرجاع المعلومات العربية دلالياً باستخدام الأنتولوجيا

    إعداد الطالبة: أمل الخضري

    إشراف: د. مصطفى ياسين دقاق

    الورقة البحثية موجودة في الصفحة 41

    ملخص البحث :

    نظراً لانتشار المعلومات بشكل واسع وتنوع مصادرها فيناك حاجة لاستعادة المعمومات الهامة والمختصرة فقط بحيث تكون دقيقة, متناغمة في الربط بين العبارات ومنسقة في محتوى جديد بأقل وقت وجهد. يهدف هذا البحث إلى اقتراح طريقة لتحسين نتائج استرجاع المعمومات العربية دلالياً وذلك بتلخيص النصوص تجريدياً )Summary Abstractive )باستخدام خوارزميات معالجة اللغات الطبيعية )NLP ,)حل غموض معاني الكلمات (WSD (و قياس التشابهية الدلالية )Similarity Semantic )فيما بينها باستخدام الأنتولوجيا العربية Arabic .WordNet

  • The Implementation of Quality Circles in the Public -- Service Organizations . A Case Study : The Syrian Communications Company

    Submitted by: Mohammad Adrah HASSAN, Barhoum ADEEB

    QUALITY access to success- Vol. 18, No 156/February 2017


    February 2017


    This study addressed the implementation of quality Circles in public-service organizations according to a case study of the Syrian communications company, through the definition of the concept of quality Circles and the mechanism for its work, and to identify the availability of the main requirements for the implementation of quality Circles, through four main variables, which are: Organizational culture, Training, Awareness and Understanding of the higher administration of the concept of quality Circles, in response to and support of the higher administration for the implementation of quality Circles.
    The researcher has presented a number of recommendations which conform to the results reached, the most important results were: the lack of a sufficient level of organizational culture and training, the lack of a sufficient level of response and support at the higher administration about the implementation of quality Circles in Syrian Communications Company. Therefore, quality Circles can not be applied in the studied company.