Topic outline

  • General description

    The module “Leadership and Management in Medical Education” aims at developing the skills of medical team in the field of medical leadership. In addition, to develop the roles of medical team as a clinical leader capable of analyzing the health system and managing change within the health care system. The intended Learning outcomes: Upon completion of this module, student will be able to: • Explains the concepts of management and leadership in medical education, to improve performance in health institutions, and develop health professions education. • Explains the concept of training clinical trainers. • Develops the trainees higher learning skills, which contributes to the application of "outcome-based" learning, solving clinical problems and making the appropriate clinical decision at the right time. • Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills. • Communicates effectively with colleagues and the medical team. • Show respect for different perspectives. • Manages large and small groups effectively. • Works with team spirit, especially in the operating room, in all difficult and complex environments. • Applies management skills and leadership in the clinical workplace. • Manages change in the medical institution and resolves disputes within the group. • Applies moral values (fairness - honesty - transparency) during measuring the performance of the medical team and the institution and conducting research. • Apply values, positive attitudes, and ethical considerations throughout the management of the medical educational institution.