Topic outline

  • General description

    Organizations need specific tools that can help to make the right decisions regarding quality. Many tools come from the area of statistics, and are used to help identify quality problems in the production process as well as in the product itself. The most importance tool is the Statistical Quality Control (SQC). The course objectives are: 1- Providing students with skills and knowledge of using the Statistical quality control (SQC) for monitoring and controlling the processes in organizations and projects, to control and improve the quality of products and customer satisfaction. 2- Understanding the term and definition related to control and statistical quality control (SQC) which conclude statistical process control (SPC), and acceptance sampling. 3- Teaching how to use control charts for variables and for attributes and measuring process capability in statistical process control, and explaining how to make sampling plans, and develop Operating Characteristic curves. 4- Explaining and analyzing process variation modes and identification their causes and effects using of Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis (PFMEA) method.