Topic outline

  • General description

    The aim of this course is to introduce the techniques and tools that can be used to build mobile web applications. A mobile web application is different than a traditional web application in that it is designed to be browsed using mobile devices having limited capabilities, such as small 9 / 10 Dr. Bassel ALKHATIB, SVU, MWS Programme Director, Course Syllabus, 12/11/2013 screen and limited memory and processing power. This is why different technologies must be employed to build it. Students will understand and use the following mobile web techniques: (1) WAP 1.0: WML, WMLScript (2) WAP 2.0: XHTML-MP (3) J2ME: Web-enabled mobile application (4) HTML5 (5) ASP.NET MVC4 mobile profile (6) Other mobile web technologies (flash lite, …)