Topic outline

  • General description

    Multimedia is the combined use of text, graphics, sound, animation, and video. A primary objective of this course is to demonstrate how still images, sound, and video can be digitized and compressed on the computer. Issues concerning multimedia design and its use in education will be the focus of reading and class discussions throughout the course of the workshop. This course provides a fundamental and application of the fundamentals of multimedia development. Overall course goals of this are: (1) Identify, describe, and apply the major skills and concepts involved in the typical Multimedia development process, including planning scripting, storyboarding, production, and evaluation. (2) Experience the application of multimedia theory, tools, and techniques to a project in technical communication. (3) Experience a collaborative, project-based learning exercise in multimedia development. The course covers the following topics: (1) Introduction to Multimedia (2) Fundamentals of Signals (3) Graphics and Image Data Representations (4) Color in Image and Video (5) Fundamental Concepts in Video (6) Fundamental Concepts in Compression (7) Images Compression Methods (8) Video Compression Standards (9) Basic of Digital Audio and Audio Compression