• Submitted by: M. Bassam Kurdy, H. amar Mohamed

    International Journal of Computer Science Research & Technology (IJCSRT) ISSN: 2321-8827 Vol. 1 Issue 4,

    Date/Period: September - 2013


    This research sheds light on the concept of network marketing as one of the emerging types of marketing, which appeared and spread extensively among all producers, especially after the technology and information revolution and the Internet, which swept all countries of the world. In this paper, we present the general concept of marketing network , and then it will go to talk about structural equation modeling (SEM) technique has significant potential as a research tool for assessing and modifying theoretical models . However, despite its increasing use in the field, it remains a complex tool that is often difficult to apply effectively. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the previous IS applications of SEM and to suggest guidelines to realize the potential of SEM in IS research. We show how results are extracted with (SPSS) program as a statistical programs important data analysis.

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