• Submitted by: Bassel AlKhatib, Mouhamad Kawas

    International Journal on Information Technology (I.RE.I.T.) Vol. 1, N. 4
    ISSN 2281-2911 July 2013

    Date/Period: July 2013


    In today’s world, technology development aspects are growing rapidly in a way that makes the development of these aspects unacceptable to slowdown. Perhaps the most distinguishing aspect is the World Wide Web which is considered as the main container for these prospects, despite of the challenges and the difficulties which have faced it since the beginning especially in term of performance. This paper states current performance difficulties that face web-based applications, grouping these difficulties into categories based on the web technology used.
    It also proposes a number of recommendations and enhancements that increase and optimize the web performance. These recommendations are implemented in a real case which is “Mofadalah” web-based application at the Syrian ministry of health.

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