Topic outline

  • General description

    The course aims to introduce the basic concepts of Mathematical analysis to meet the expected needs of the student in his studies in information systems engineering and other branches of engineering. He needs to identify the sets of numbers and their characteristics to be able to study the functions and identify the concept of limits of the functions and derive it and thus to be able to express the behavior of any function with a curved figure describing it, and finally the student must recognize the finite and infinite integration functions and characteristics and methods of finding it because of its great importance in his subsequent study. Outcomes: To succeed in this course, the students are expected to: - Study the real numbers and their characteristics, as well as the unequals and their characteristics, the real periods and their types, and finally the study of the real limited and unlimited real sets. - Studying the complex number and processes on them and there properties. - Study sequences and numerical series and the series of correct forces. - Study limit of functions and there properties, and study some of the famous limits. - Studying the continuity and there properties, and differentiation of the functions, studying the rules of differentiation and constructing the derivatives table for basic functions, then using these concepts to study the behavior of some basic functions. - Study the specific integration and exposure to the most important applications.