Topic outline

  • General description

    The course aims to provide students with concepts and tools to help them learn about entrepreneurship and the steps to establish and manage small and medium enterprises. provides students with more ideas on the essence of the business world, entrepreneurial ideas, entrepreneur skills, its economic role. and the importance of preparing an economic feasibility study and its stages with procedures for establishing and evaluating a small and medium enterprise. Intended Learning Outcomes: - It reviews the definitions of entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurs skills, his economic role, and the elements of entrepreneurship procedures. - Understand and comprehend the steps of establishing a pilot project and the stages of completing and evaluating small projects. - Definition of small and medium enterprises, their characteristics, importance and justifications for their existence. - Identify the outcomes of the pioneering work in an applied manner through the establishment and evaluation of the small project and the preparation of the feasibility study. - Understand the skills required for an entrepreneur to manage his small business. - Being able to identify the elements and means used to support and develop small projects and the parties responsible for spreading the culture of entrepreneurship.