Topic outline

  • General description

    This course aims to provide an introduction about the science of management and introduces students to the basic concepts in this field, also to provide them with the necessary scientific background to understand the concepts, applications and theories in this field. In its first part, the course seeks to provide the students with the historical evolution of the administrative thought, a review of the reasons for the emergence of this science, its relationship with the other sciences, and schools of administrative thought that emerged, its chronological order and the correlation with the economic conditions and the business environment. In its second part, the course focuses on explaining the basic knowledge and skills related to the administrative process that allows the organization to invest in its resources in the best way. This course explains the basic principles of how to implement administrative functions (planning, organizing, directing, controlling) and technical functions (production and operations – purchasing and materials - finance - marketing - human resources - research and development - public relations - management information systems) within the organization .