Topic outline

  • General description

    Organizations exist in an environment characterized by intense competition, rapid change and increasing knowledge. Hence, it was inevitable to accommodate the concept of management in a way that copes with the new environment within which frame organizations exist. This has led to the modern view of management as the management of human resources, the thing that indicates the importance of human resources in organizations where rational management would help in responding successfully to challenges that color the work environment in the 21st century. The course shall tackle the most important practices of the management of human resources in organizations in a way that will essentially enable the student to set a plan in an organization (undersupply, surplus, career), analyzing the functions of the organization and participating in supervising and specifying its basic functions as well as in suggesting constructive ideas in relation to modifying the current evaluation system and the means of motivating the human resources and participating in suggesting new policies for developing the human resources and the rational use of it.