Topic outline

  • General description

    The student is able to recognize the concept and importance of studying organizational behavior at the individual, collective and organizational level, especially in the light of globalization. As well as to identify theories of modern organizational behavior. The student remembers the factors influencing individual behavior and recognizes the interaction between these factors such as personality, values, perception, learning and attitudes. The student determines the importance of emotions and emotional intelligence in organizational effectiveness. The student is introduced to the concept of motivation and how to use incentive approaches to benefit from the energies of employees to serve the organization. The student can determine the concept of the team and distinguish between the types of teams and how to use each. The student is convinced of the importance of managerial leadership in modern organizations and distinguishes between leadership styles, and how to apply any of them according to personal, internal and external factors surrounding the organization. The student distinguishes between negative and positive work pressures and the role of management in managing organizational pressures. The student compares constructive conflict and demolition, and learns about conflict management methods and their respective application areas. The student recognizes the importance of organizational culture in organizational development and learns about the types of organizational culture and how to benefit from each. Students learn about the importance of change in organizations, the approaches and strategies of organizational change, and how to manage change resistance. Students recognize the importance of positive behavioral organizational outcomes such as job satisfaction, organizational commitment, loyalty, career engagement and organizational citizenship. The student recognizes the seriousness of negative organizational outputs such as uncivilized behavior, aggressive behaviors, bullying and bullying at work.