Topic outline

  • General description

    The course aims at introducing to the student the most important rules that regulate the business sector through understanding the concept of law and enumeration of its sources and sections and their most important branches, and the definition of the legal rule and its most important characteristics, and then to address the concept and types of the commercial works according to Syrian law and the importance of differentiating between them and non-commercial works and the legal consequences. Then the course will explain the meaning of the merchant and identifies his most important legal duties, especially the registration in the Commercial Record and Commercial Books keeping with its legal determinative effect of proof, then the course will explain the legal concept of the store and the most important rules which relates to it. The course will also explain the most important legal rules related to the companies in terms of the elements of the companys contract, and companies types and forms according to the Syrian legislation. The legal rules for each of the legal forms of the commercial companies will be explained in terms of the number of partners and their legal responsibilities so that the student can determine the appropriate form of the company according to the work, the number of partners and the legal liability that will be exercised by each of them. Finally the course will explain the cases of dissolution of companies in the Syrian legislation.