Topic outline

  • General description

    The objective of the course is to acquire, strengthen and refine the knowledge and skills of the student that help him/ her in managing the recruitment process in the organization, considering that the recruitment, selection and hiring is one of the cornerstones of the strategy of human resources formation. The course starts with clarifying the nature of contemporary human resources management based on achieving organizational excellence that leads to competitive success and raises the level of quality of the organizations performance. This will only be achieved through highly qualified individuals. Access to these personnel will only be achieved through the proper practice of the jobs on which the recruitment process is based, namely, (i) job design and analysis, which provides a description of the requirements on which to select the best suitable candidates for vacancies, and (ii) human resources planning that determines the number and type of human resources that the workload in the organization needs at present and in the future. This good practice ensures that the organization has the right number and type of individuals, in addition to having the knowledge and abilities appropriate to perform the work efficiently and effectively, and to occupy jobs appropriate to their level of competence, and finally to adopt behaviors consistent with the culture and values of the organization and fulfil its aspirations.