Topic outline

  • General description

    The course aims to employ the basic concepts of image processing in the development of students informational and mathematical ability, so that: 1. The student can contribute to solving problems related to digital image processing 2. The student has the skills to analyze problems related to digital image processing and solve them using computers 3. The student has the ability to use the programming languages (MATLAB) in the application of image processing algorithms 4. Be able to analyze issues related to image processing applications and find appropriate solutions using a computer 5. Be able to visualize the skills required of the engineer to keep pace with modern technologies and methods in the field of digital image processing 6. The student applies mathematical techniques to solve problems related to image processing 7. The student employs what he teaches from techniques and software tools to visualize solutions to image processing issues 8. Be able to continuously learn and develop skills and knowledge through self-learning 9. Be able to use technical information from multiple sources