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    Financial management plays an important role in the success of the organization We can consider the role of CFO very important and essential in the success of the organization and in achieving its goals. Financial management achieves financial balance in the organization and helps the management at all levels in the decision-making process. It makes a balance between profitability, liquidity, and optimal use of available financial resources goals. By using advanced tools and techniques, it helps in the choice of investments and in bringing appropriate funding. This course will enable students to understand financial statements through financial analysis. Students will be able to participate in the financial decision-making by using cost analysis. This course will focus also on the strategic financial analysis and on the financial policies to be followed in each stage of the life of the organization. There will be a fundamental and important part for investment and financing that helps students to understand how to choose investments using a set of scientific tools. Student can choose the appropriate funding for each investment so that it gets the necessary funding at the lowest possible cost.